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An integrative approach to your health, creating a personalized health optimization plan that goes beyond conventional medicine.


Identify poisonous behaviors and create your own lifestyle antidote for enhanced health and well-being.


Discover the capabilities that lie dormant in your DNA through this health optimization process. Be the architect of your evolution.


Our Precision Medicine and Epigentic Coaching team at the Apeiron Center Austin runs an extensive 2-day evaluation process using diagnostic testing your current doctor may not know about. You'll dive deep with Dr. Harding into areas like: genetics, cognitive functions, body composition, inflammation, movement, sleep, nutritional status, breathing and hormones, all being extensively assessed and reassessed.

Your genetics are observed on a level of potential rather than what you do or don't have. We have the ability to ramp up your good traits and mitigate the damaging ones that are unique to everyone.

Unlock the power of your genetic code, chart the course for your Heath Optimization Program and the vibrant life you desire.







Book a free Discovery Consultation

Ongoing assessment

Come to the Apeiron Center in Austin for a yearly comprehensive evaluation to track your progress. Have direct access to Dr. Harding and his team throughout the process. Receive dedicated attention on a monthly basis via ZOOM.

You will have multiple reevaluations of labs and body composition analysis during the evolution. Stay current with ongoing epigenetic performance monitoring to upgrade your health systems and achieve your limitless potential.

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Together, we’ll create your distinct plan of action.

Optimized Health and Performance

Support and guidance with your new way of life.

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