Dr. Bob Harding’s Practice focuses on an integrative approach to reach your peak wellness. He goes beyond conventional medicine techniques by using precision medicine, identifying lifestyle behaviors, and looking at your DNA makeup to give you personalized health care. Unlike many doctors, he looks deeper into vital health factors like inflammation, cognitive function, sleep, hormones, nutrition, fitness, breathing, and body composition. He provides an extensive evaluation of your health – not limited to a 15-minute window like conventional medicine. Together, you and Dr. Harding, get to the root of your symptoms so you can tackle your health goals the right way so you can start living the vibrant life you dream of.

Dr. Harding’s practice is located in Austin, Texas, however, he takes clients from all over the country by using telemedicine. With this, you will have monthly communication with him through online video chat via ZOOM. Ongoing reevaluation is performed to ensure your highest potential is being reached.

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